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Fixed Price Repair Programs

Please complete the form below and your account manager will contact you concerning your needs and. provide information on our free pickup and delivery programs. We have included the flat rate cost for your repair so that you know what to expect. Fixed rate repairs prices do not cover missing or damaged parts due to vandalism, salting, water, fire or electrical damage.
Please choose your equipment type from the dropdown, to see your project repair cost.
Prices subject to change without notice. Call 1-888-858-8583 for detailed pricing information.

  • Please choose your equipment type from the dropdown, and proceed with payment. Additional items can be repaired/ordered by completing the form a second time.
  • Prices subject to change without notice. Fixed prices do not cover vandalized, salted, water damaged, burned, electrical damaged, or missing parts. Additional costs will be charged. Call for detailed pricing information.
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Phoenix Vending Systems is not just your average repair center. We believe in doing things the old fashion way.

We repair every piece of equipment by breaking it down, cleaning it, replacing worn or broken parts during the reassembly process and triple checking it to assure the highest quality control. Every unit is retuned, calibrated and updated. Coin changers are sent to accept the dollar coins, and bill validator are updated to accept 2008 and newer US currency free of charge if the control board is capable.

Equipment is returned to you sealed in a recycled plastic bag to keep it clean from contaminates.   All of our repairs are backed with a full one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Our standard turn around time is 24 hours in house. Please complete the form on this page to schedule a fixed price repair services and make your payment online.

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